Why LinkedIn for New Leads

  • World's largest and most accurate professionals network
  • The ONLY network on which professionals regularly update their profile
  • The largest collection of search filters with which to pinpoint new leads
  • Connecting via LinkedIn is a valuable addition to emailing and calling
  • All business emails and company phones provided by LeadLeaper
  • LinkedIn free accounts are NOT recommended


Virtual Assistant

  • Delegate the time-consuming task of discovering and capturing new leads
  • Trigger engagement workflows that initiate outreach as leads are discovered
  • Easily start, stop and monitor your Virtual Assistant's activity and progress
  • LinkedIn Premium or Sales Navigator is required


Leads Manager

  • LeadLeaper remembers previously discovered leads, so there are no duplicates
  • LeadLeaper provides unlimited export / sync credits so your leads are never held captive
  • Includes team member lead ownership and configurable team leads sharing
  • Supports selective, batch and "free agent" team member lead ownership transfers
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