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Based on over 100,000 customers

Discover New Leads

See a lead that you would like to contact, just "LeadLeap it"

LeadLeaper adds the new lead to both your leads list and CRM, including a verified business email address

Supports LinkedIn, the world's largest and most accurate source for new revenue generating leads; from single owners to Fortune 500 CEO's

LinkedIn free accounts are not recommended

Engage Your Leads

Employ LeadLeaper's integration with Google Workspace (G Suite) and Microsoft Office 365
to send 1000's of personalized emails daily

Includes automated drip email campaigning,
automated email personalization and real-time
lead engagement monitoring

And with LeadLeaper's email open tracking
and link tracking, you know when a lead opens
an email and which included links they viewed

Generate More Revenue

Schedule meetings, create reminders, make and log calls, record notes, review emails sent and links viewed - all from within each lead's profile

And engage in non-automated correspondence from within any lead's profile with LeadLeaper's profile embedded email client

Supports HubSpot FREE CRM bi-directional lead auto synchronization

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