Discover and Contact New Leads in minutes!

No company email server integration required

Discover New Business Leads

We get it - spending hours searching LinkedIn
for new leads isn't your favorite activity.

So LeadLeaper empowers you to discover
and capture new LinkedIn leads - each with
a verified business email address.

And with LeadLeaper, no premuim LinkedIn
subscription is required!

Get Personal

"Get personal" when emailing an entire list of leads with LeadLeaper's automated email placeholders.

And with one-click access to professional profiles and company news & stats (Owler), crafting compelling emails has never been easier!

And since LeadLeaper maintains a history of all your email outreach, you always know what emails you've sent each of your leads.

Track Email Activity

Whether you're in the office or on the go, when a lead exhibits interest, you should know!

Get real-time lead activity alerts anytime, anywhere
on both your computer and mobile devices.

And since LeadLeaper maintains a history of all lead tracking activity, you know when and how each lead responded.

Go Mobile

Never miss a motivated lead!

With LeadLeaper's real-time mobile alerts, you can respond in seconds.

And if you're on the go and want to capture a new lead,
simply enter the lead's name into LeadLeaper Mobile to discover an email address and phone number!

LeadLeaper Mobile App



Search the world's largest professional network of over 400 million profiles.A free LinkedIn membership is required.


Search the world's largest B2B database of business decision makers.No ZoomInfo subscription is required.

Search's database of business decision makers.A free membership is required.


Search referenceUSA's database of over 200 million professionals.No referenceUSA subscription is required.

Salesforce CRM

Export to Salesforce, selectively or for an entire list in seconds.A Salesforce CRM subscription is required.


One-click access Owler to get the latest news and stats for any company and employ the research to send pesonalized one-to-one emails directly from
within LeadLeaper.   A free Owler membership is required.

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